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A Word From Our Dental Front Office Administration Instructor

Dental administration assistant is one of my hats that I wear and I love it! You get to be the first

AND last impression of the office. Answering the phone, giving directions, advice,

appointments; it’s never a dull moment. You control the flow of the office for that day. WIll we

be slammed packed or slow and steady? Being a team player is a must in this position,

remember T.E.A.M. stands for together everyone achieves more. In this program you will learn

the meaning and usage of interpersonal communication, a skill that is a requirement for this job.

Helping patients by explaining their procedure, reviewing their account or simply giving them a

same day appointment is rewarding and satisfying. Come join me and be both the initial and

utmost impression of your office, you won’t regret it!



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