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Is your resume ready to submit?

When applying for jobs in 2021, it is imperative to have a resume that represents you in a professional manner as well as showing personal characteristics (not to be confused with personal information) that set you apart from other applicants. When preparing a resume, be sure to have up to date contact information, a professional email address, double check for grammatical errors, list any technical skills relevant to the job, and keep your work history up to date but do not include outdated/irrelevant work history.

You got the interview! Now what? Once you have secured the interview, do a little research. Get to know the company you may potentially be working for! To prepare, practice interview questions using a mirror or ask a friend for help with interviewing.

Join us at our Resume Workshop on the third Friday of each month to learn more tips and tricks to being confident in your resume!

Upcoming Resume Workshop dates are October 22nd and November 19th. Be sure to email over your resume prior to workshop so we can have it printed and ready for edits!

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