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Tips for Creating an Effective Resume!

A resume and cover letter are essential to be considered for job openings in any industry. To help our students stand out from other applicants, we work with each student to format their resume through editing and completing a resume workshop.

  1. Personalize your resume! Do not go over the top with 12 different colors, but add a few touches to make your resume stand out from all of the others.

  2. Always spell check and make sure your contact information is up to date!

  3. In your cover letter, add in what would make you a great fit for a job...Is the company family oriented? Small business? Locally owned?

  4. Update your skills to be relevant to the job you are applying for!

  5. Make sure to list any professional achievements that will help you to stand out.

Need help? Call 864-234-0077 to speak with a career advisor today!

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